330 S. Main St.  

Urbana  OH   43078

330 S. Main St.  Urbana, OH  43078
Wedding Chapel Policies


  The chapel's wedding minister is Robbin Ferriman.  She will work with you to create your wedding ceremony and she can also perform your wedding ceremony.    
    As part of your meeting with the minister, your wedding and rehearsal date will be confirmed and details of your wedding ceremony will be discussed and decided upon.  Any questions or special plans you may have will also be discussed. 

  The wedding minister is responsible for conducting your ceremony, conducting the rehearsal and training the participants of your wedding ceremony (unless other agreements are made). 

All aspects of the wedding must be cleared with the wedding minister prior to the time of the rehearsal.  

The wedding minister, Robbin Ferriman, is available by phone 
(937) 508-1601 or by e-mail (robbincats@gmail.com). 


   This is usually held on the eve of your wedding.  All members of the wedding party need to be present.  It is also important to have those who will be helping with other aspects of the wedding be present so they can become familiar with their task.  This would include the person designated to operate the sound system, the photographer, a soloist, or any other person who has a role in the wedding ceremony.  

  The wedding minister will instruct everyone as to their responsibilities, including those of the ushers, seating of the parents, entrance of the wedding party  and the entire flow of the ceremony.  The rehearsal is a time to iron out problems, for practice, and for questions.  

    If children attend the rehearsal, a parent or an adult is required to be responsible for watching each child.  Because the church is a historic chapel, children should not run, climb or jump in the church.  Food and drinks are not allowed in the sanctuary.

                                         WEDDING DAY

    The church will be reserved for your use for 2 1/2 hours  total.  Allow 30 minutes for your ceremony and at least 30 minutes after, if you plan to have pictures taken following your wedding.  Arrange with the wedding minister to have the church open if needed for decorating or pictures prior to the wedding. 

  The ushers should arrive at least 40 minutes before the wedding to be available to seat the guests as they arrive. 

  The wedding party should arrive at least 15 minutes early.  If the bride and her attendants would like to get ready at the church, there is a dressing area in the basement with mirrors.  Arrangements to use the basement should be made with the wedding minister prior to the wedding.  Friends and family may greet you after the wedding.  It is important for you and others that your wedding begin on time.


The chapel will comfortably seat 130 people.  There is a parking lot at the rear of the church and street parking on S. Main St. and W. Reynolds St. 

  There is a table at the rear of the church that can be used as a guest book signing table.  The guest book should be closed 5 minutes prior to the ceremony.  Late arrivals may sign the book at your reception. 

  As the music begins and your guests arrive, this is a time for guests and  wedding participants to be reverent and respectful for the ceremony that is about to take place.  It is polite and respectful to listen quietly to the music prior to the ceremony and especially to  listen quietly to special music (soloists).

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