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Only Inviting Couples To Your Wedding

Are you one of those people that truly believe in superstition? What do you think about seeing a black cat cross the sidewalk in front of you? Do you believe you’re going to have bad luck because of this? What about Friday the 13th? Do you believe bad luck is going to follow just because Friday falls on a certain day? What about things such as having a broom sweep over your feet? Do you believe you have to spit on the broom in order to remove any chance of bad luck as a result?

The above might seem crazy when you think about it, but believe it or not there are a lot of people who are very superstitious. In Asian culture for example they generally don’t like the number 13. The point of us telling you this is that when it comes to weddings there are people who think the same way, meaning they believe in doing things for good luck or solely to avoid bad luck.

One thing that some couples have taken to doing is not allowing anyone who isn’t a couple to attend their wedding. And we’re talking about serious couples, preferably ones that are married and have been for a long time. What’s the point of this? Well some couples feel like only allowing serious couples to come to their wedding is the best way to ensure good luck. After all, the strongest couples would have good energy and this may rub off on you right?

Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but should you actually consider doing it? We can make some serious cases for or against.

Why it might actually work

Only inviting married couples is going to make your guest list so much easier. It will allow for you to truly ensure that you had an intimate event with people you felt represented what you’re trying to build with your expectant marriage partner. Having someone there who is the antithesis of this might make you feel different.

Only inviting couples ensures that everyone there will be able to bring something to the table as far as relationship advice goes. Now  we know that people might not need advice, but it helps for you to take advice from people who have gone through some relationship rigors and can offer up some advice on what worked for them and why.

Why it might not work

Only inviting couples might seem good, but you can never know the true nature of the relationships you’d be seeing. Heck, for all you know most of these people can be miserable. One spouse might have dragged the other to the wedding or they were fighting their whole way there. Being a couple doesn’t equal being a successful couple.

Only inviting couples would exclude a lot of friends and family, who might take it personal that you don’t invite them. Sure they could bring a date and it wouldn’t be the same, but no serious friend or family member would want to feel excluded from such an important day in your life.

The only true luck you need is the luck you’ll have if you truly love and appreciate the person you’re about to marry. Bad luck is all about belief. Can something go wrong for example at your wedding? The answer is yes, but with preparation the probability of issues can be minimized.

Inviting only couples would not increase the chances of long term marriage success. Belief can be a powerful thing though and some people might be willing to do whatever it takes to boost the chances of a successful marriage, no matter how extreme.

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