330 S. Main St.  

Urbana  OH   43078

330 S. Main St.  Urbana, OH  43078

"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."  Jesus of Nazareth

"Between God and me there is no "between".   - Meister Eckhart

The mystery of human existence is that we belong to God and have been made in the Divine image. 
In God we live, move and have our being. 
So it is that we know ourselves only when we know God. 
Our lives must reflect the Creator's love and purpose for all creation. 
In the seasons and harvests, the rise and fall of nations, God's goodness and judgement are ever present. 
All events of the world fall under the sovereign care of our Eternal God. 
Knowing this, we hold in reverence the whole of creation as the outer expression of God's glory and action. 
God oversees the lives of individuals and nations, yet does not take away our freedom and responsibility. 
Ever at work in the world and in our lives, God moves all things toward fulfillment. 
Thus we pray for peace in the midst of change and turmoil to our Creator, the Christ, the Prince of Peace.

O God, in mystery and silence you are present in our lives,
bringing new life out of destruction,
hope out of despair,
growth out of difficulty.
We thank you that you do not leave us alone,
but labor to make us whole.
Help us to perceive your unseen hand in the unfolding of our lives,
and to attend to the gentle guidance of your Spirit,
that we may see the blessing you provide in every aspect of our lives. 
And may our grateful spirits lead us
to the deeper joy and peace that is only possible
through a true relationship with you.  Amen

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