330 S. Main St.  

Urbana  OH   43078

330 S. Main St.  Urbana, OH  43078

is at 10:00 a.m and is led by Rev. Besty Coffman.  Everyone is welcome and the atmosphere and attire is casual.
The Swedenborgian Church is a member of the National Council of Churches, USA.   

   The Swedenborgian Church is a worldwide Christian denomination which bases its teaching on the Bible, as illuminated by the works of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Swedish scientist, philosopher, author and visionary.   In his theological writings, Swedenborg shared a view of God as infinitely loving and at the very center of our being.  Swedenborg discovered that deep within the literal sense of God’s Holy Word... is an inner or spiritual sense or insight.

   Emanuel Swedenborg had no desire to start a new church or religion.  He often wrote anonymously.  As people began to read his writings, study groups began shortly after his death in England.  The groups  eventually
spread to the "New World" ... initially to the east coast. 

   In 1816, Swedenborgians first settled in Urbana with the arrival of the Gwynne, Murdock, Tabor, Barclay and James families who became prominent members of the community.

   In 1850, Urbana University was founded by Swedenborgians.  Colonel John James gave 10 acres of land and Milo Williams served as the first president.  The University and the local church have had a long, informal relationship.

Helen Keller was a life-long and devout member of the Swedenborgian faith.  She wrote, "Emanuel Swedenborg's message has been my strongest incitement to overcome limitations."  She also wrote, "Swedenborg does such good to me that I long to scatter his teachings among men and women wherever I go." 

   The famous folk hero, "Johnny Appleseed" was a convert to the Swedenborgian faith and distributed tracts of Swedenborg's writings to many settlers in the Ohio area, planting "seeds of faith" along with his apple seeds.

   The Urbana Swedenborgian Church was founded in 1851 and has always been involved in a ministry to people of all faiths.  We welcome all who are seeking a deeper inner life. 

   We believe in the integral relationship and harmony between God's natural world and the inner world of our spirit and personality.  The teachings of
Emanuel Swedenborg encourage a free spirit of inquiry, enlightened understanding, integration of  intellect and emotion, and a commitment to one's own spiritual growth.  Our Swedenborgian faith challenges us to be forward-looking and compassionate in our approach to today's world.

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